领冠数码科技(上海)有限公司 refers as ServiceOne (Shanghai) Limited “ S1-SH ”.


S1-SH is a wholly-owned foreign enterprise, a member of Expert Systems Holdings Limited (HKEX stock code 8319) and also an associate company of ServiceOne Global Holdings Limited “SOG”, one of the largest IT managed service providers and the most reliable partners in China region.


SOG has started the business in China since 1998 and committed to our corporate strategy through continual investment across the country. In order to strengthen our focus on end-user business, S1-SH was founded in 2010 with headquartered in China Shanghai and subsequently branches were established in Beijing and Guangzhou. Collaborating with helpdesk in Hong Kong, Guangzhou Call Centre was established and became our core facility for managed service business. The Call Center have been well equipped and with well-trained technical helpdesk agents providing multi-language support in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Korean & Japanese.


In addition, combining with SOG direct wholly-owned service entities located across more than 60 cities, we are able to provide the nationwide services and supports in more than 1,500 cities (including Hong Kong & Macao) within various Service Level Agreement “SLA” from 2-Hour response to Next Business Day “NBD”. The nationwide coverage has been enabling us growing together with our clients in China region.

  • Over 20 Years IT service experience in China
  • Headquartered in Shanghai
  • With branches in Beijing and Guangzhou
  • Multi-language Call Center in Guangzhou
  • Over 1,600 Professional Staff (include SOG)
  • Leading Managed Service provider
  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Certified
  • Service Coverage over 1,500 cities
  • Business coverage Greater China Region